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Who I am?

I am an HR Executive who has beenin love with my job for over 25 years. I am also a big enthusiast of the HR Business Partnering model, which I have evangelized,promoted and implemented many timesover the last 16 years, in Poland and Europe,as part of the consulting activity of my company WNCL. Along with my team, I carry out projects using a unique format of “HR Director on Hours” for many companies of various sizes and industries – i.e., pharmaceutical, medical, financial, media, e-commerce, technological, FMCG, and production, as well as for local and Polish government agencies and NGOs.

I started my journey in the business as a Head-hunter (for Ward Howell International) and as a trainer (with the Scandinaviantraining company Mercuri International). For nearly 10 years, I was the head of HR and a member of the management team in large international corporations in the FMCG and pharmaceutical industry (RJ Reynolds Tobacco/Japan Tobacco, Aventis Pharma, Gillette/P&G), where I designed and executed all major HR processes based on a business strategy and lean management philosophy. I went through three mergers, actively participating in the design and implementation of integration and communication processes. I have also carried out many reorganization and restructuring projects.

I am a certified facilitator and trainer from the Master Train      er Institute in France, and I have extensive experience in conducting workshops, strategic sessions, and Senior Leadership Team Excellence processes. For many years I have been a mentor (certified recently) for many entrepreneurs, business leaders and HR professionals, and have participated in pro bono activities with the Women Leadership in Business Foundation.

I had the honour of participating in the first “Businesswoman of the Year” competition, organized by the Foundation “SukcesPisanySzminką”, Radio Pin and BRE Bank, in which I was honoured with a Special Mention.

I was born in Wroclaw, which is informally called WrocLove, where I studied at the Oskar Lange Academy of Economics. I currently live in Warsaw. I have two wonderful, grown children, Martyna and Filip.

I am an avid traveller, completely in love with Nepal and Bhutan where I go regularly to visit my spiritual teacher. I enjoy word smithing very much, whichis why I write poems and am also engaged in other writing projects. I am a dog lover and these wonderful animals have always been a part of my family since I was a child.  I love to spend time on self-development, going beyond my comfort zone, surprising myself and others, trying to conquer the unconquerable, learning to sing, spending time with my friends, supporting and helping others in their self-development, as well as by volunteering with charity activities.

My life motto is “Everything happens for the best.”

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