How to redesign your mindset to succeed in the new normal

Every ambitious HR Professional dreams about becoming a true partner for a business. We aspire to sit on a company’s Management Board, to be at the same table with them, discussing and agreeing not only whether and where this year’s Christmas party or corporate meeting for managers will take place, but above all – what is the company’s strategy and culture, where are we heading, and what the business priorities and HR strategies are. If this is not the case, we often blame the management who “does not understand the role of HR and who is not enlightened enough.” Is it so?

Looking for the blame outside is a dead end. Yes, there may be management boards that do not see the role of HR in building the company’s value and do not feel HR’s contribution to achieving its goals. Who then becomes responsible to show it to them? How do we, HR professionals, create and prove this value? Do we really contribute to achieving successful business results?

Because I believe that in this transformation, we have to start from ourselves, I wrote a book that describes 10 critical mindset components, which can help determine a true partnership with business colleagues.

I am confident that this mindset distinguishes good HR Professionals from the average ones, and the best ones from the good ones. And it is shaped by our attitude. Our attitude is the beginning of everything. It defines us. It has an impact on our decisions, our actions, and how others perceive us.

If this book inspires you to change something, I believe that the world around you will change as well.


  • The year 2020 demonstrated that today, for results-oriented companies, PEOPLE are the most important. This paradox requires refreshing social sensitivity of owners ​ and managers, and at the same time, a deeper understanding and consideration of business aspects of everyone dealing with the HR function in organizations. What, in this sphere - to paraphrase Alvin Toffler - should we learn, unlearn, and relearn, and subsequently, design and arrange in a new way? There is a guide to this. You are holding it in your hands. Thank you, Iwona, for your book - on behalf of myself and the students of the Academy of Leadership Psychology at the Warsaw University of Technology Business School, for whom it will become a must-read book.

    Jacek Santorski, author of “I.” - Reflections on the leadership of tomorrow

  • In the era of total business transformation, the old way of managing people based on fixed roles has become an anachronism. Managers and leaders need HR partners next to them, who understand the business, take part in strategic planning, support sales development and build a consistent company culture. But how do you do that? Start with #HROdNow, which means starting with yourself! This book will guide you through colorful case studies, answer many valuable questions, giving interesting ideas for personal development, but most importantly - it will show you the necessary attitudes of an HR business partner. It is a great inspiration for every HR professional, regardless of previous experience, but also a source of reflection for every manager in a company. Reading this book made me think personally about the role of the HR partner, which I consider to be an inseparable part of business and the company's development strategy. Everyone who wants to build a stable company with a strong culture and a group of loyal employees will find a new perspective in this book. Regardless of where you are coming from, #BoldHR is the perfect inspiration and tool for personal growth.

    Aneta Podyma-Milczarek, President - Unum Życie TUiR S.A

  • Iwona Wencel, an accomplished and experienced practitioner, has, in my opinion, written a groundbreaking book about HR and how to be an HR professional. You will find everything you need, presented without jargon or self-promotion, delivered in a friendly, generous, accessible way, with care and attention, and a sense of responsibility for the future of HR. In every sentence, you can feel the many years of experience of the author, who draws on her unique approach to carrying out the role of HR Manager. This book will help to shape HR managers who are able to combine care about people with goal-oriented business value, understanding strategy, co- managing companies, in a valuable dialogue with all business managers. To these HR specialists, today’s businesses are saying: "We need you; we want more". I invite you to read and implement Iwona’s advice.

    Dariusz Duma, philosopher, entrepreneur, business advisor

  • Jack Welch, the legendary CEO of General Electric, put the role of HR in the organization on par with that of the finance and sales department. This book is about why Big Jack was right. Dynamic language, real-life examples, and the wisdom of observation, all combined. This book is a great handbook not only for HR Business Partners, but for every modern manager.

    Jarosław Mikos, Chairman of the Board - Polskie ePłatności S.A.

  • Human capital management is fundamental to any company. Especially now, in the era of COVID-19, HR can play a unique role because under conditions of uncertainty, systemic solutions, such as strategy, structures and procedures, and much more, depends on organizational culture and the quality of leadership. Therefore, if you have anything to do with managing human resources, you must ​ read this book. It is very good. The author does a great job of organizing the various HR roles and competencies and gives concrete examples of how to improve them.

    Paweł Motyl, bestselling author of Labyrinth: The art of decision making and Schrödinger's World: The chronicle of an unpredictable future

      I invite you to share your opinion about the book, history, experience, your own way. I will accept each of them with joy. Also, write to me if you want to ask me something or discuss the attitude described in the book.

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